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Getting to Lushan

The closest town to the Spring Temple Buddha is Lushan (Chinese: 鲁山, Lǔshān). From Lushan, there are regular bus services to the Buddha. As there are no airports nearby, your best option is to take a train from one of the nearest big cities. Not all train lines will take you to Lushan.

Unless you speak Chinese, it is highly recommended that you find and book your train travel well in advance on the internet. This is for two reasons: 1) train are often booked out completely. If you are buying a ticket on the day don’t be surprised to find there are no trains available – possibly for the next 1 or 2 days, and 2) purchasing tickets online can be done using an English website – trying to book a ticket at a Chinese train station can be very difficult as there will be multiple trains/times, different seating classes, and identification documentation rules to understand.

The Lone Traveller recommends using to find a train, and then using to book the train. This is because is a very easy way to book your tickets, in English, and they will try to get you the best available seat in the class you choose as soon as they become available (usually 20 days in advance). For this they charge a small percentage fee, however the train search tool on does not list Lushan – so you must find the train number on and then search for the specific train number on instead.

Confused? As an example let’s say we are travelling from Luoyang, a large close city in Henan province, to Lushan.

Step 1: Find a train
The first thing to note is that from Luoyang you need to take a train from Luoyang train station (not Luoyang Longmen train station – trains from Luoyang Longmen do not go to Lushan). Go to, and enter in Luoyang in the “From” box. In the “To” box, type “Lushan Henan” (note that there are other “Lushan” train stations, but these are not the same town.. make sure you choose “Lushan Henan”). You will now have a set of train numbers (eg: “K758/K755”).

Step 2: Book the train
Find the train on by searching for the train number “K758/K755” and choosing a departure date. You will then be able to book the seating class of your choosing. The page also has a lot of useful information about travelling on trains in China, including the different types of trains, baggage restrictions etc.

Once train tickets are booked, they can be picked up from a train station in China upon presenting your passport for identification. See for more information.

From Lushan to the Buddha

Catching the bus is the easiest and cheapest way to get to the Spring Buddha Temple. As of October 2015 it costs 13 each way, and the bus trip is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours each way. The journey there and back also provides a great view of some of the more rural areas of China as well as some small townships and villages.

Alternatively you could arrange to have a local taxi drive you there and back, waiting for you at the Buddha. However this could cost you 400 or more, and you would need to negotiate this price and the details with the taxi driver – if you don’t speak Chinese then it may take some effort. It is strongly advisable to only pay a partial amount upon arriving at the statue and pay the remainder on returning to Lushan – negotiate this with your driver before leaving Lushan. Taxis can be found at Lushan Railway Station.

The Lone Traveller caught the bus and found it very simple, cheap and convenient. The hardest part is finding the bus station, which is hidden in a courtyard behind the buildings on the road leading out of Lushan Railway Station. From the railway station, head South (straight ahead). As you are approaching the main road at the end you will see an entrance to your right between the buildings. There is nothing in English, nor any signage to indicate it is a bus depot.

The bus depot is hidden behind buildings on Zhanqian St

The bus depot is hidden behind buildings on Zhanqian St

Lushan Railway Station entrance

Lushan Railway Station entrance

Unmarked entrance to Lushan bus depot, on Zhanqian St

Unmarked entrance to Lushan bus depot, on Zhanqian St


When you arrive at the bus depot, it might be useful to have a picture of the Spring Temple Buddha to show someone. Otherwise say “dafu” (pinyin: dàfú) – literally “Big Buddha”, and you will be pointed to the correct bus. Payment is accepted on the bus, after departure, by the bus conductor. Again mention “dafu”. As there will surely be no other foreigners on board, the conductor will let you know when you reach the Buddha. In any case, start looking out the window for the statue after 1.5 hours into the journey – you should be able to see the Buddha when approaching it. The bus will drop you off at a very small town (see picture below).

The bus stop for the Spring Temple Buddha

The bus stop for the Spring Temple Buddha


The photo above is where you will be dropped off the bus. Between the shop with the red sign and the glass-windowed building is a small road which leads to the Buddha. Follow this road until you reach the following sign:

The bottom item is the big Buddha. Take the left road here. (Image: Tobias Palumbo)

The bottom item is the big Buddha. Take the left road here. (Image: Tobias Palumbo)


Take the left road at the sign and a couple of hundred metres up the road will be the entrance to the Spring Temple Buddha. Congratulations! You have arrived!!

Returning to Lushan

Simply return to the location your bus dropped you off. Regular bus services pass through and go back to Lushan. Just wave one down – you will probably hear it coming as bus drivers in this area make good use of the bus horn! Handy hint: there is also a public toilet on the corner here across the road from the shops.



11 thoughts on “How To Get There

  1. Guillermo

    Hi, in october I will travel to Xi’an and I want to know how to go from Xi’an to Spring Temple Buddha. What do you recommend??

  2. Lone TravellerLone Traveller Post author

    Hi Guillermo,

    I would recommend taking a train from “Xi’an North” station to “Luoyang Longmen” station (1.5 hours). You will then need to transfer from “Luoyang Longmen” train station to “Luoyang” train station. This requires a 1 hour bus trip, but there are regular cheap local buses that depart outside Luoyang Longmen station that take you directly to Luoyang station. Follow the links mentioned above to find the train timetables and to make a booking. Book in advance because train tickets can sell out.

    From Luoyang station you can catch another train to Lushan (2.5 hours) – just follow the instructions above.

    If you have the time, it’s worth visiting the Longmen Grottoes which are not far from Luoyang Longmen station.

  3. Aaron

    Currently on the bus to Lushan from the Spring Temple Buddha. Directions are correct as of today (29/10/15).

    The old sign has been replaced with a new one, and it should probably be noted that to the right of the sign are a few new buildings, one of which looks like the entrance. It isn’t. Continue on the road, i.e. to the left of the sign and you’ll get to the entrance.

    Bus fare was 13 rmb, entrance fees unchanged.

    Great directions. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Luis

    Thanks for the details information!!! We are planning to go next year, but I have a couple a questions, hope than you can help us:
    How many meters or minutes are from the bus stop to the sign or entrance???
    When arriving to the entrance how many hours do you recommend staying??
    Im planning arriving at Lushan at 5am, do you know what time does the buses start to leave for the Spring Temple Buddha??? also what time does the Spring Temple Buddha open its doors to travellers??

    Thank you!!

    • Lone TravellerLone Traveller Post author

      Hi Luis,
      From the bus stop to the sign (which now looks different to the picture above), it is about 100 metres, and from the sign to the main entrance is about another 500 metres. I think 2 hours would be plenty of time – I was there for 3 hours but I was taking my time and taking a lot of photos.
      According to a Chinese language website I found, the opening times are 8am – 5pm – I’ve just updated the statue info page to show this. As for what time the buses leave, I can’t find any info on this – I just know that when I went I caught the bus at approx 9:30am – 10:00am.

  5. Jakob Schwazer

    Hey thanks for the great information, I am currently in Beijing and Lushan and the Budha would be my next stop. I found a overnight train from Beijing to Lushan, but after that I would like to go to Shanghai, do you maybe know if there is a train from Lushan to Shanghai or at which station I have to change? Thanks again :)

    • Lone TravellerLone Traveller Post author

      Hi Jakob. There aren’t any direct trains from Lushan to Shanghai. You will need to transfer at Pingdingshan or Luohe. If you go to and enter in Lushan [Henan] to Shanghai it will give you a full list of transfer options.
      When I went on my trip I also proceeded to Shanghai, but I transferred at Luohe.

  6. mark

    hello , im not able to take the train or bus so Im planing on flying to either Nanyang and getting a taxi up to the buddha OR flying to Zhengzhou and taking a taxi , could you tell me what would be better? I will be flying from Xian.



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